Аbout the restaurant

There is a very cosy Brasserie «Burger». Beer it flows like a river.

Here you can enjoy really fresh cask beer.

Now in the «Burger» a few varieties of German draft beer such as:

«Spaten», «Hacker-Pschorr» not filtered «Erdinger», the Belgian cherry beer «mort Subit» and branded beer Burger two varieties.

The restaurant has two halls for 40 and 50 seats and VIP hall with 20 seats, the interior of which, as if imbued with the spirit of German antiquity. The Burger real German cuisine is certainly large, if not huge portions. A wide selection of national dishes: pork and lamb legs, pork ribs, roast «wild BOAR» and, of course, famous German sausages. In short, nothing will distract you from the calm repose and attentive staff will do everything to make your holiday exactly the way you imagine it.


День Рождения в "Бюргере"